Shipping with us is 100% Discreet.

We primarily ship to commercial business and industrial addresses in  the continental US within 3 to 5 days after an order is placed, depending on inventory and lead times. Shipping to residential addresses is mainly limited to products suited for general consumer use. Some chemicals may be shipped to residential if service is available via Ground or LTL freight with a lift gate. See other terms and conditions below. 

Depending on your ship-to location the shipping time may add another 2 to 5 days. *We also ship to addresses outside the continental US, or any international destinations.

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you through the information in our Level Finish website shopping cart and the shipping options you chose. Our goods and products primarily ship via Ground or on LTL carriers, freight lines like FEDEX freight, SAIA, or XPO. 

Shipping rates for items we sell are weight-based. The net weight of an item can typically be found on the web page for the product. Weight of packaging, like drums and pallets add some additional weight that may not be listed on the product pages.  To reflect policies of shipping companies we use, the additional weight is added for pallets and drums and other needed packaging to meet the standards required by our carriers.  

If there are errors in the cart or shipping programs,  we will contact you about the problem and get you  correct information. * You are under no obligation to complete a purchase if the shipping in the cart is incorrect, or there are delays in shipping because of low or out of stock inventory or supply chain disruptions. 

Shipping to a residence?  If you are in a residential home or in a neighborhood or if you do not have a business / commercial address with a dock and or a forklift you may incur additional charges if you are receiving goods that have to be shipped LTL. Customers shipping to a residence, to a farm, or to a special address that will need a formlift or other services should only choose the freight option “LTL RESIDENCE/SCHOOL/FARM +LIFT GATE” Another option  we offer is to ship to a local freight terminal and you can pick the freight up there. 

Additional Services and Charges: LTL Freight companies, have specific policies and terms regarding special and additional services, and the charge for those services. Some of the additional charges may include: 

  • Appointment charges if a customer does not have specific business hours and can only meet using an appointment there will usually be an appointment charge. 
  • Lift Gate. Customers that do not have a dock and a forklift will need a lift gate. There are additional charges for a lift gate. 
  • Rural or special deliveries- LTL freight lines consider farms, schools, universities, many water treatment plants and other “out of the way” places as a special delivery and may charge additional fees. 

We do our best to describe these additional charges on our LTL freight choices, however, sometimes there are additional charges, or combinations of charges we can not foresee and list. When you place an order on our website, you agree to choose the best option describing your delivery location. * We will advise of any additional fees. If you do not agree to the charges we will gladly refund your money. 

Shipping schedule:

We ship Monday through Friday, primarily out of our warehouse.

* We may ship certain material from supplier warehouses or public warehouses we utilize for logistics advantage so customers will receive material quicker and at a better price when we can!

Customer’s safety and security is our main objective at Level Finish. So we are always at our best to limit all our customers from  any form of problems after  processing your order with us. We offer 24 hour delivery to the US and Canada and a four-working-day delivery anywhere in the Globe. Shipping is done immediately as payment is confirmed. Delivery is also done round the Globe. Once your order is placed and confirmed, we will ship the package within a few hours and issue tracking at our convenience

We offer delivery in between states and worldwide shipping which is very Discreet, Secure and Safe and We give our customers 100% guarantee that your order will make it through customs authorities of your country without any problems.

If your shipment does not arrive but we can clearly provide you with proof of shipment , you are compensated but will not offer any  refunds unless it is our mistake.

It is obvious  that situations may arise and you may decide to want your money  refunded. If you no longer want your medications after you’ve made payments, we refund your money back without any questions in 6 working hours. We appreciate your understanding