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June 3, 2019

SGS Acquires CSL

Buy Quality Chemicals online, Chemical Solutions, Ltd. is now officially part of SGS North America!  We’ll now be known as SGS Chemical Solutions Laboratories Inc. (SGS-CSL), and you’ll continue to receive the same level of service – and more – that you’ve come to trust and expect from CSL over the years.

On May 3, 2019, SGS formally announced the acquisition of CSL.  As per Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS, “This acquisition strengthens our Agriculture, Food & Life business in the U.S., further expanding our scope and geographical presence.”

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve continually searched for the best means of expanding our offerings, without impacting our core business of trace elemental testing.  SGS distinguished itself as the clear choice for accomplishing that goal. ‘Not only could we offer SGS expanded capabilities with our trace elemental analysis,’ said Brian LaBine, SGS-CSL’s General Manger; ‘but moreover, SGS brought so many capabilities for us to offer our existing client base.  In the past, when customers have asked whether we could offer other services such as micro, organic, identity, pesticide, vitamin, SPF and other forms of testing, we’ve simply had to decline the opportunities. With SGS, we can offer those capabilities and more, while continuing our core business of metals and minerals analysis.’

For the SGS-CSL team, this translates to expanded opportunities.  SGS’ nearly 150-year history, operating platform in 160 countries with 2,600 offices and laboratories, financial strength and unmatched resources, all provide the foundation to bring long-term stability and opportunities for growth within our SGS-CSL family.  

It also allows SGS-CSL to leverage SGS’ considerable knowledge base – everything from upgrading our Environmental, Health and Safety systems/practices, to adopting global SOP and Quality systems, to unmatched libraries of technical resources and training programs, to the most extensive global regulatory know-how available.  ‘We were amazed to see what we can now offer our customers,’ said Francine Walker, SGS-CSL’s Technical Director. ‘With SGS’ regulatory platform, we can now assist even our smallest customers with regulatory guidance, regardless of where they wish to market their products.’

And for our clients, you should expect to see a gradual transition as we maintain our levels of service while integrating into the SGS network and expanding our offerings.  SGS prides itself on implementing a very pragmatic and systematic approach with integration of new companies. The names and faces will remain the same, but the offerings will expand over time as we fully integrate within SGS.

As with any change, many of our customers (or potential customers) will have questions along the way.  Feel free to contact us at any time – we’re always here for you! You may call us


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